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China: Yuyuan Garden

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[Visited: June 2011]

It was already hot and humid when I walked out of the Yuyuan Garden subway station. It took a little searching for the right way, but when I saw sculptures on top of eaved roofs, I knew I was close, and only had to find the entrance. Walking around the garden through a touristy alley full of small shops, I quickly paid the entrance fee and entered what I hoped would be a quiet oasis. But even though the garden was just open, large groups of tourists already crowded the first pavilion. Assuming that no other groups would come very soon, I just waited patiently on a veranda on a small pool with a rocky landscape on the other side, until behind me, I did not hear any more noise. Indeed, I now had the pavilion to myself, and I took time to see the inside, walk around it, and enjoy the silence. I then slowly moved ahead, on my exploration of the extensive Yuyuan Garden, technically, Yu Garden. Founded during the Ming era in 1559 by Pan Yunduan for his father, the two-hectare garden had highs and lows, damaged during several wars, occupied, until it was finally restored in the late 1950s.

Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Pool with zig-zag bridge and Ting Tao Tower Exhibit Hall in Yuyuan Garden

Walking Yuyuan Garden, I was especially attracted to the oddly shaped doors and openings in walls, which gave the garden an artistic touch. Then, there were the Double-Lane corridor, with wood-framed openings in the crooked wall, like peep-holes allowing for looks on the other side of the wall. I peeked into the several pavilions on the way, with romantic and poetic descriptions in English, past high rocks representing rugged landscapes, until I reached the Dragon Wall. With an undulating wall, topped by a dragon tail, there were two large dragon heads at the edges, with fierce eyes, and claws sticking out. From here, I walked south, past small lakes, elegant towers and exhibition halls, until I reached a small, open pavilion on a one of the largest pools. I decided I deserved a rest, sat down, and just watched the environment, the people moving past, and the carp in the pond. At the same time, I tried to imagine how these gardens were once the retreat of Pan En, the father of Pan Yunduan, and how the old man must have enjoyed spending his days in this small corner of paradise.

Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Rocky path leading to a circular opening in a wall in Yuyuan Garden

From the Toasting Pavilion, I moved to the eastern side of Yuyuan Garden, and walked small paths, through rock formations which sometimes were slippery after all the rain that had fallen the previous days, walking up small hills with yet more pavilions, until I reached a more open area, with zig-zag bridges over pools, large towers, and finally, the far southern part of Yuyuan Garden where I found the Big Stage under reconstruction. Walking back north, I found circular openings in walls, offering nice views of the pools, bridges and gardens lying behind. The temperature had now reached a point where it was uncomfortable to be in the sun, and Yuyuan Garden was now quickly filling with lots of people; it had now lost its peacefulness, and although it was somehow nice to listen to all the languages around me, I decided it was time to be on my way out. Besides, walking around the garden for a couple of hours had made me very thirsty. In style, I went through what seemed like a secret passage, and directly returned to the main entrance.

Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Hanbi Tower in Yuyuan Garden seen from the inside
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Wall with curves and bridge in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Elegant Ting Tao Tower Exhibit Hall in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Oddly shaped gates linked by a corridor in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Odd opening in a wall in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Jade Water corridor: wooden columns on a zig-zag bridge in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Circular frame around a wooden door in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Zig-zag bridge leading to Hanbi Tower of Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Wall with openings at the Double Lane corridor in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): End of a dragon wall marked by large dragon head
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Undulating dragon wall in the eastern part of Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Warrior on a horse sculpted on a roof of a pavilion in Yuyuan Garden
Picture of Yuyuan Garden (China): Detail of a roof: elephant between eaves

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