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Italy: Abruzzo Landscape

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[Visited: August 2003]

True, the Abruzzo has its share of culture, but this region is also very attractive to various kinds of nature lovers. Whether you like hiking, cycling or skiing - most kinds of outdoor sports and activities can be practised in this area in various times of the year. The Abruzzo has some dramatic landscapes, with high and steep cliffs rising out of lovely valleys, rolling hills with flowers, lakes, canyons and rivers at the foot of high mountains.

Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Abruzzo: lonely house in landscape

Many areas of this region are part of national parks, of which the Gran Sasso and the Majella are the largest and most famous. The Gran Sasso park includes mountains up to almost 3000 metres high. Also outside these parks, nature is often overwhelming and refreshing, and invites for further exploration. High castles are a good vantage point to overlook the surrounding landscape as they are often located at the top of gigantic, solitary rocks, which previously was fine against invaders, but now is perfect for an unimpeded view.

Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Rocca Calascio castle, Abruzzo

Chrystal clear lakes invite for a swim, as the many foothpaths invite for a walk. While this region is fairly popular with (mostly Italian) visitors, it is also easy to escape the crowds if you want so. As always, getting off the beaten paths guarantees a private view of some of the natural jewels of the Abruzzo. Small towns are to be found everywhere, but at the same time you can find isolated, lonely houses as the only testimony to human presence in a forgotten valley.

Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Mountains in Abruzzo
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): House and tree in Abruzzo
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Hills and trees in Abruzzo
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Sunflower field in Abruzzo
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Abruzzo landscape with mountains in background
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Shepherd with lambs, Abruzzo
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Abruzzo hill with trees
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Meandering road through Abruzzo landscape
Picture of Abruzzo Landscape (Italy): Abruzzo landscape before sunset

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