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Germany: Alexanderplatz

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[Visited: June 2005 and several times before]

Formerly called Oxen market, and named Alexanderplatz after the Russian tsar Alexander who visited Berlin in 1805, Alexanderplatz has seen many changes over the last centuries. It is still under construction, as some of the buildings erected here by the former East German government are being replaced by new ones. The most remarkable structure, the enormous TV tower, will dominate Alexanderplatz. It is the unmistakable characteristic needle pointing into the skies over Berlin, visible from almost anywhere in the city.

Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin: detail of Neptun fountain with Rotes Rathaus in the background

Berliners call it Telespargel, or Tele-asparagus, and it is among the tallest buildings in Europe. The bar in the top revolves, offering visitors a 360 degree view over the city as they have something to drink. Besides the tower, at Alexanderplatz you can find several buildings, some under construction, as well as the world clock. Near Alexanderplatz you will easily find the Rotes Rathaus, or Red City Hall, and it is easy to see why this name was chosen. Although heavily damaged in World War II, it was restored, and after the reunification of Germany houses the city council.

Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin Alexanderplatz: TV tower seen from below

Walk a little south of Alexanderplatz will bring you to the baroque style Neptune fountain or Neptunbrunnen. It is centrally positioned on a small square. On top of the fountain is, of course, Neptune, and below him four goddesses representing the German rivers, but apart from those figures you can also see fish, nets, lobsters and snakes. Walking still a little further south brings you to the Marx-Engels forum, with a statue of the two philosophers in the middle.

Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin Alexanderplatz: world clock on the square
Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin Alexanderplatz: close-up of metal sphere in the TV Tower
Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin Alexanderplatz: detail of one of the goddesses at the Neptune fountain
Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin Alexanderplatz: tower of Rotes Rathaus seen from a distance
Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin: looking up the Rotes Rathaus near Alexanderplatz
Picture of Alexanderplatz (Germany): Berlin: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels on Marx-Engels Forum near Alexanderplatz

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