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Norway: Bergen Fish Market

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Bergen Fish Market | Norway | Europe

[Visited: October 2002]

Norway obviously is a country closely related to the sea. Its fjords are famous all over the world, and so is their whale hunting, and oil drilling in the open North Sea. Their salmon are sought after far abroad, and fish is an important and obvious ingredient in the Norwegian cuisine. Therefore, it is interesting to visit a fish market in Norway; I visited the one in Bergen.

Picture of Bergen Fish Market (Norway): Shellfish in Bergen fishmarket

Early in the morning (like most fish markets!), the stalls are set up at the quay in the centre of Bergen. I found shellfish, crabs, chunks of salmon and other, less easily identifiable, fish, kaviar, and many other types of fish. They are all on display in an attractive, colourful combination on small pieces of ice. White, red, pink: not many colours, but very vivid ones.

Picture of Bergen Fish Market (Norway): Bergen fishmarket: piece of salmon

Surprisingly, the men behind the stalls are often not impressive, rough Norwegian fishermen, but quite often exotic strangers trying to lure you into buying something. Some of them come as far as from China! As a consequence, it is possible to speak many languages at the stalls. Although there are other vendors selling other commodities - mostly fruits, vegetables and Norwegian sweaters - this market is known as the fish market.

Picture of Bergen Fish Market (Norway): Bergen fishmarket: crabs and shrimps
Picture of Bergen Fish Market (Norway): Fillet of salmon, Bergen fishmarket
Picture of Bergen Fish Market (Norway): Bergen fishmarket: stall

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