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Montenegro: Budva Old Town

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Budva Old Town | Montenegro | Europe

[Visited: August 2009]

Budva is considered to be one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast, and it is thought that the history of this town goes back to the 5th century BCE. When you approach Budva, it is hard to imagine this: the coast has been developed into a strip full of resorts, hotels, the beaches are packed in summer, and there is all kinds of fun can be had in casinos, amusement parks, and the like. Approaching Budva from the north, you see its harbour protected by the old town, full not just with fishing boats but also luxury yachts, before you reach the city gate. Once inside, the difference with the outside world is enormous.

Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Budva seen from the top of the fortress

Narrow alleys with marble pavement make this a very romantic city, even though it is not always easy to appreciate. The size of the old town is so small, that it is totally flooded by tourists during the busy summer months. It is only when you filter out all the disturbing factors, like noise coming from the many shops, the chatter of people around you, and the flashy signs for restaurants and bars - there are more establishments than actual houses - that you start to see the true value of this coastal town. While the town has had various rules since the Greeks and the Romans, the Venetians who held the town between the early 15th until the end of the 18th century, had the biggest impact.

Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): City walls running right over the steep cliffs of Budva

While there are no canals in Budva, the streets remind you of the famous city on the northern end of the Adriatic, and so does the architecture of the houses. The walls surrounding the city were made by the Venetians, and offered protection against the Ottomans. And indeed, when you see the walls, integrated with the cliffs that rise steep from the sea, you can easily imagine the formidable protection this combination offered against any invaders. Budva was heavily damaged by an enemy against which no protection is possible - earthquakes - but it was rebuilt again. The old town does not only count several churches of varying interest, but also the citadel which can be climbed for great views all around the old town, as well as the coast and its packed beaches. Here you, once again, realize the special place the old town of Budva occupies in the midst of holiday pleasure offered everywhere around.

Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): View of Budva bay from the top of the fortress
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Church of the Holy Trinity basking in the sun
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Church and buildings in the late afternoon of Budva
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Budva seen from below: wall and building
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Late afternoon sunlight over the walls of Budva
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Frontal view of the church of the Holy Trinity
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Early evening at one of the classical buildings of Budva
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Harbour of Budva with boats and yachts
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Stari Grad, Old Town, beach and St Mary in Punta church seen from above
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Entrance to the old city of Budva through its massive city walls
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Door of the Holy Trinity church in the last sunlight of the day
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Flowers over the old city wall of Budva
Picture of Budva Old Town (Montenegro): Old town alley with red dress

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