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Italy: Castello

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[Visited: May 2007 and several times before]

It was an early morning when my footsteps echoed against the tall buildings of one of the hundreds of narrow alleys in the inner bowels of Venice, La Serenissima, the most serene city. As the city was waking up, I imagined how little had changed here in some respects. Centuries ago, I would probably have met the same silence, my footsteps would have resounded in the same way. I thoroughly enjoyed walking the empty alleys and squares, hardly seeing others. Venice has always been a popular destination for people throughout the ages, for its uniqueness; it now gets so many visitors year-round that finding authentic parts of Venice is always more difficult.

Picture of Castello (Italy): View of one of the islands of Castello on the Canale di San Pietro

The best places to look for the real Venice, is in the outer sestrieri or wards. Castello is the biggest of them all. Named after the castle that stood on small San Pietro island on the east of Castello, it is probably the most varied area of Venice. Here, you can find quiet canals, monuments, churches, and museums, but also parks, a sports arena, the Arsenale, location of the famous art festival Biennale is held, and great views over both the outlying islands and the skyline of San Marco and surroundings from the Riva degli Schiavoni.

Picture of Castello (Italy): Venetian house on small square in Castello

It never fails to surprise me how concentrated tourism is, even in the most touristy places. When walking along the Riva degli Schiavoni from the San Marco square, you have to zigzag around groups of tourists from all over the world. Pretty soon, though, you are walking alone, and once you reach the Parco delle Rimembranze on Sant' Elena island, you are virtually alone. From here, there are still vast areas of Castello to explore: the backside canals to the north, streets where you barely see a single soul, unexpected little squares, small parks, a little harbour with boats bobbing on the green water of Venice, a church where people just are coming out after prayer. Here, you get a taste of daily Venetian life away from the spectacular, iconic, and cliche places of the city. You can see a mother carrying her buggy over a bridge, laundry hanging over a canal, an old woman shuffling down the street with a shopping bag, two women chatting in the street, a man repairing his boat.

Picture of Castello (Italy): Woman in a quiet street of the Castello neighbourhood
Picture of Castello (Italy): Arsenale Canal with one of the towers of the Arsenale
Picture of Castello (Italy): Riva degli Schiavoni with typical coloured houses and lanterns
Picture of Castello (Italy): Square and church on a rainy day in Castello
Picture of Castello (Italy): House with laundry in Castello
Picture of Castello (Italy): House with chimney in a quiet street of Castello
Picture of Castello (Italy): Courtyard of San Pietro di Castello church framed by arches
Picture of Castello (Italy): Houses and flowers in front of San Pietro Castello church
Picture of Castello (Italy): Boats and house on the wide Canale di San Pietro
Picture of Castello (Italy): One of the long and narrow alleys of Castello
Picture of Castello (Italy): Quiet canal with laundry
Picture of Castello (Italy): Street with laundry in the Castello sestiere
Picture of Castello (Italy): Trees lining the Viale Piave at the east end of Castello

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