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Portugal: Castelo São Jorge

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[Visited: May 2002]

Towering over Lisbon, the Castelo Sao Jorge is a castle that was built on the most obvious spot of Lisbon: its highest hill. Built for the first time in 1147, the castle has been transformed into the royal residence, palace, a prison, theatre and arms depot. Restored in the 20th century, it is now mainly a tourist destination, more for the views of Lisbon than the castle itself.

Picture of Castelo São Jorge (Portugal): Castelo Sao Jorge, Lisbon

It is very pleasant to walk around the vast castle walls, climb the stairs to the top of its defensive walls and towers and to enjoy the peace of the garden outside. After climbing up the hill on which it is built, the refreshing wind that often goes around the premises is a welcome cool-down. Oftentimes, a street musician plays Portuguese fados inside the walls of the castle, giving it more atmosphere.

Picture of Castelo São Jorge (Portugal): View from St. George castle, Lisbon

When you leave the castle's compound through its enormous arch, don't forget to walk around in the streets directly adjacent to the castle. The tourist hordes normally don't come here and you can find small squares, bars and shops here, tucked away in narrow streets. It is not difficult to imagine that the women who are talking to each other while hanging their washed clothes, have been doing so for centuries already.

Picture of Castelo São Jorge (Portugal): Walls of St. George Castle, Lisbon
Picture of Castelo São Jorge (Portugal): Defensive wall of St. George Castle, Lisbon
Picture of Castelo São Jorge (Portugal): Outside St. George's castle, Lisbon

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