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Lithuania: Gedimino Castle

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Gedimino Castle | Lithuania | Europe

[Visited: March 2002]

While walking the winding, cobblestone streets of the Old Town, marvelling at only limited views on the city's buildings, you wander how it would look like as a whole. Fortunately, it is possible to walk up the Castle hill from which position a wide panorama of the city and its river opens up to you.

Picture of Gedimino Castle (Lithuania): Gedimino Hill, Vilnius

The walk itself is not even tiresome, it rises less than 50 meters above the Cathedral square below it. It is the very origin of the city, and now the Lithuanian flag flies defiantly and proudly over the city from the very top of the castle.

Picture of Gedimino Castle (Lithuania): Gedimino Castle, Vilnius

But probably the main reward for the climb up is the unhindered view of the city and its many spires. You can spot almost any church in the Old Town, wonder at their colours and their ensemble, but also see as far as the outskirts where the typical, awful 1950s highrise buildings stick out into the skies.

Picture of Gedimino Castle (Lithuania): Cathedral, Vilnius

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