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Italy: Giudecca

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Giudecca | Italy | Europe

[Visited: May 2006]

Although not on many itineraries for visitors to Venice, Giudecca is a quarter in the Serenissima which has its own charm altogether. As you jump off the boat at the Zitelle or Redentore stop, it feels like arriving in a small isolated town. Walking along the Giudecca canal, full with boat traffic, reminds you that you are in Venice, but as soon as you turn into one of the side streets, you come to quiet canals, with bridges, boats, and peace. This is a suburb in its own way, on its own island, with its own atmosphere, in a Venetian way.

Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Redentore Church in Giudecca seen from the canal

Apart from houses that are similar to those seen in Venice proper, you can also see modern architecture and even apartment blocks. I also spotted a house boat, a former Venetian canal boat turned into a living place on the water. Historically, the island had its own development. Originallly called Spinalunga (long spine, for the long shape of the island), Giudecca was probably renamed after the Jews who settled here. Here, rich people lived in palaces with gardens, but at the beginning of the twentieth century, the island saw the establishment of factories, shipyards and even a film studio.

Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Typical canal in Giudecca, outskirts of Venice

The large building at the end of the boulevard is easily recognizable as a factory, it is actually Molino Stucky, a flour mill under restoration. Coming back to the Giudecca Canal, it is very pleasant to stroll along the boulevard. Typical lanterns with pink coloured glass adorn the quay, and you have great views over the skyline of Venice from the spacious sidewalk. Walking towards the east, you will see two churches in vintage Palladio style: Redentore and Zitelle, after which the boat stops are named. From here, it is easy to reach San Giorgio Maggiore which lies further to the east on its own island - another masterpiece of Palladio.

Picture of Giudecca (Italy): View of the boulevard of Giudecca with typical lantern
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Giudecca lantern with Redentore, Palladio church in the background
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Giudecca: lantern and boulevard in village like feel
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Rii or small canal in Giudecca
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Recurrent red coloured houses in Giudecca
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Skyline of Venice seen from Giudecca
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Boulevard of Giudecca seen from the boat
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Redentore church in Giudecca seen from below
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Cosy, quiet square in Giudecca neighbourhood
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Quiet canal in Giudecca
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Canalboat serving as a houseboat in Giudecca canal
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Modern architecture in typical Venetian style in Giudecca
Picture of Giudecca (Italy): Giudecca: display of modern architecture

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