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Sweden: Gothenburg

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[Visited: March 2001 and many times before]

The first impression I got when walking around in Gothenburg was a quiet and solemn city. Picturesquely situated on the sea and the Göta Älv river, the city also contains clearly visible foreign influences - the English, Dutch, Germans and Scots have all had their role in its history. As in other Scandinavian cities, Gothenburg has been integrated into nature. This can for instance be seen in the many parks where rocks pierce out of the earth.

Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Detail of Gothenburg architecture

But also in many other ways, Gothenburg is part of nature. Nowhere do you get a real city feeling, there are always trees, water or sea visible to remind you of the relativity of the buildings you see. The peacefulness of the city is also determined by its inhabitants who are almost without exception friendly and quietly leading their lives. This is a good city to just lead your own life without others bothering you.

Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Dom kyrkan - Gothenburg

And if you want so, you can always visit nearby forests with lakes, an archipelago in the west, or one of the many rocky seashores. Make sure to come in summer, though, to enjoy your days. Although Gothenburg is very much in the South of Scandinavia, in winter days are very short and nights long and cold. On a lovely not-too-cold day, the city makes for pleasant walks.

Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Detail of Gothenburg architecture
Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): German church - Gothenburg
Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Detail of Gothenburg architecture
Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Modern apartment blocks on the hills of Gothenburg
Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Skansen Kronan Gothenburg
Picture of Gothenburg (Sweden): Haga neighbourhood - Gothenburg

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