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Norway: Grünerløkka

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Grünerløkka | Norway | Europe

[Visited: July 2005]

Named after Friedrich Grüner who bought a mill here from king Christian V of Denmark, Grünerløkka was a separate town until mid-19th century when it became part of Oslo. In the same century, it turned into a working class area. Workers would find a job in one of the factories on the river Akerselva which runs North-South and separates Grünerløkka from downtown Oslo. Not too long ago, the area was run-down, but it has had a face lift.

Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: one of the many impressive, renovated houses

Walking from the city centre, I turned the corner of Torggata and walked up to the bridge over the Akerselva river. This is a pleasant green area to walk in itself, cycling and walking paths along the river. As I crossed the sculpture-decorated Ankerbrua bridge, I felt I was leaving Oslo proper and walking into another area. In fact, Grünerløkka is considered Greenwich Village of Oslo, a separate entity, a village within the Norwegian capital.

Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: view from the top of Markveien

Everything is small scale, the shops, the bars, the many parks, it is all easy to absorb and enjoy for the visitor. This is the home of youngsters, home of large mansions, bustling with life. The area is small enough to easily walk around in little time, you can while away your time in one of the parks or bars. Going back to Oslo gives you a feeling of going to the city and leaving the sympathetic town of Grünerløkka behind.

Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: detail of one of the many shops in Markveien
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: entrance to one of the alternative shops
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: strolling along Thorvald Meyers gate
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: looking up into Markveien
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: one of the bars specializing in wine
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: selecting fruits in a local shop
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: one of the former factories on the bank of Akerselva river
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: looking at one of the streets through a mirror
Picture of Grünerløkka (Norway): Grünerløkka: statues on Ankerbrua bridge

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