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Norway: Hafjell Skiing

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Hafjell Skiing | Norway | Europe

[Visited: January, February 2000]

Apart from becoming a success for the Norwegian sportswomen and men, the Winter Olympic Games also put some little Norwegian winter sports towns on the world map. One of them is Hafjell, some 15 km. from Lillehammer on lake Mjøsa. In winter, Hafjell is a very appealing destination for ski lovers. It has both easy and difficult hills. The two times I skied in Hafjell, my interest in skiing developed into full love, hence my special memory for this town.

Picture of Hafjell Skiing (Norway): View from one of the slopes at Hafjell

Norway has many different kinds of skiing, both cross-country and telemarking are very popular. Since I just started with skiing, I left all those, and the snowboarders on their own, and dedicated myself completely to just plain old-fashioned downhill skiing. And with a lot of gusto, because it was here that I discovered my love for this sport. What a great sensation, going down fast, people around who are all sharing the same joy of speed and snow. Then there are the beautiful views, the surrounding mountains, the lakes. On clear days it is possible to look very far from the Norwegian mountains, since you actually ski down almost from their top.

Picture of Hafjell Skiing (Norway): Tree with snowy slope at Hafjell

It is a pity I wasn't interested in downhill skiing during the Winter Games, because I would have liked to recognize the Marsteinschuss, the Bukkespranget and other pistes with somehow attractive names. I was only jealous of the very young children who were already practising with their parents. They will be able to ski like devils all their life! The only difficult thing here was the stopping...

Picture of Hafjell Skiing (Norway): Snowy view from one of the slopes
Picture of Hafjell Skiing (Norway): The Winter Olympics of Lillehammer 1994 had the flame burning right here
Picture of Hafjell Skiing (Norway): The end of a day of skiing at Hafjell: one of the slopes

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