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Greece: Hydra

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Hydra | Greece | Europe

[Visited: September 2003]

For those who want to escape the heat and congestion of Athens, there are several islands in the neighbourhood to breath a different air. Of those, I chose Hydra. Although there are regular boats, they take some three hours, and since I had only one day, I decided to take the fast boat. After little more than an hour, I set foot on the quay of a picturesque village in a little bay. There is no transportation on the island, other than donkeys, but I decided to walk. The waterfront of the village is very touristy, but with a little effort, it is easy to escape this madhouse.

Picture of Hydra (Greece): Blue and white door, Hydra

Walking around in the village, climbing up little alleys, turning corners, going through archways, I discovered many isolated attractive places. Some because of their simple, yet irresistible beauty in shapes and colours, others because of the view they offered over the village, the surrounding hills, and the sea. Leaving the village, I came across Agios Ioannis church, walked on along the sea. I marvelled at the transparent sea, the rustic blue and white mansions, the bright light reflected on the houses, sea, bare hills.

Picture of Hydra (Greece): White stairs leading up the hill, Hydra

The path turned inland, climbing through woods. Just as I was feeling thirsty, I found a small well an gratefully took out a bottle of cold water. After Episkopi, a small settlement on the other side of the island, I turned left, but at one moment just didn't see the path anymore. After some searching and with some luck, I found the small path again - called monopatia in Greek because it only allows one person at a time to pass. Climbing and descending on the mountains brought me back to the other side of the island, back to the town, and back to the boat to Athens.

Picture of Hydra (Greece): White and blue church, Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Calling from a donkey, Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Hydra: donkey drivers
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Fisherman on boat, Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Boat in harbour of Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Bell tower in Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Church dome in Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Hydra with sea in the background
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Mountains on Hydra
Picture of Hydra (Greece): Stone path in Hydra

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