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Albania: Ksamil beaches

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Ksamil beaches | Albania | Europe

[Visited: August 2012]

The best way to beat the heat is to rise early, and we had been told by the information centre in Saranda that the first bus to Butrint would leave at 7:30am. While waiting for a bus to arrive, however, none showed up, and it was only then that we noticed a small time table on the bus stop: the first bus had left at 7:00 and the next one would leave at 8. Our plan had been to arrive in the ancient site of Butrint as early as possible, and then wind down on the beach near Ksamil; it now seemed wiser to reverse our plans. So, we got off at Ksamil, bought some fruit, and headed down to the beach. What once must have been a nice promenade, now looked decayed and in need of repair; but that did not make the views less appealing.

Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Empty terrace on the quiet morning sea at Ksamil

Before our eyes, the sea was like a mirror, a translucent miracle of shades of blue and green, looking so inviting we almost dropped everything and wanted to jump in straightaway. Since it was still quite early, there was almost no one else around; we walked along the coast, did a quick evaluation of the different beaches we saw; some were small bays, others a little bigger and with more kids; we ended up on a small one where a light breeze cooled the air that we already felt was getting warm. After the traveling of the previous days, it was good to just lie down, close our eyes, and let the sun burn on our skin. Dipping in the water was a great way to cool off; I could not resist and swam to one of the small islands just off the coast here.

Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Rocky formation in the sea at Ksamil

There are actually four small islands just a swim's distance from the coast; they can also be reached by one of the many small boats at Ksamil and have bars and restaurants for those who visit. I just stood there for a short while before swimming back to the small beach we were on. I noticed the sea was getting a little more choppy, there was more wind, and while it was wiser to actually move to the shade of our straw parasol, it felt a little too cool, and I moved to the sun again. By now, the beaches were full; after all, it was August, and we decided it was time to move on to Butrint. In the end, we were happy with our change of plans: we could now leave the busy beaches behind where otherwise we would have arrived around this time.

Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Small beach at Ksamil
Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Beach with parasols at Ksamil
Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): One of the four small islands just off the coast at Ksamil
Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Corfu is just across the narrow strait at Ksamil
Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Parasols and quiet morning sea with one of the small islands of Ksamil
Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): Small island close to the beach at Ksamil
Picture of Ksamil beaches (Albania): The promenade behind the beaches of Ksamil has seen better days

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