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Poland: Lazienki Park

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Lazienki Park | Poland | Europe

[Visited: July 2002]

On a hot summer day in Warsaw, when it was a little too hot to walk around in the streets, I decided to head towards Lazienki Park. It is not too far to walk from the city centre. As an added advantage, there was a photo exhibition right on the park's fence. Once inside, it was like walking right into the countryside. The park is huge, with wide lanes overshadowed by trees, small lakes, and sculptures in sometimes unexpected corners.

Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Lazienki park, Warsaw

This park attracts families who let their children play in special areas, walk with them, and show them the animals that roam around the park. Especially the many peacocks make people stop and wait to see if they are willing to show their beautiful tail. Inevitably, it also draws lovers who come here to stroll, walk hand in hand and kiss romantically under one of the enormous trees while a squirrel looks at them, unnoticed. By the way, I also saw many old couples, sitting together on a bench and looking at the lake - perhaps thinking back of good old times.

Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Statue in Lazienki Park, Warsaw

The park originally was a Royal Palace's park, and the palace, which used to be a summer retreat, is still there. The palace and the other buildings in the park were mostly built in the 18th century. One oddity to mention is a theatre of which the stage is built in one of the lakes, while the audience's seats are just on the shore. At one of the entrances of the park, there is a monument to the Polish composer Chopin. From here, you can already hear the sounds of the street outside and the vicinity of the city.

Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Palace on lake in Lazienki Park, Warsaw
Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Statue of female nude, Lazienki Park, Warsaw
Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Streetlamp in Lazienki Park, Warsaw
Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Swan in Lazienki Park, Warsaw
Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Chopin monument in Lazienki park, Warsaw
Picture of Lazienki Park (Poland): Peacock in Lazienki Park, Warsaw

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