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Germany: Munich architecture

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[Visited: January 2007 and before]

I arrived early in the morning in downtown Munich. Walking from the central station, the morning fog was just lifting and giving way to a wintery sun. The streets were still quiet, and when the sunrays touched the buildings around me, I realized that this city was attractive in its own way. I continued walking and exploring that day, and saw some of the buildings for which Munich is famous, but also discovered some unexpected quiet corners. I liked that the spaciousness of the city allowed me to appreciate its beauty.

Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Munich city centre: looking up to the sky with typical building

I saw some neoclassical buildings in the city centre before reaching the Marienplatz. This is the city centre proper, and one of the landmark buildings of the city dominates the square: the New City Hall. New does not mean modern: the building was constructed in the end of the 19th century, and makes for an impressive block in Flanders gothic style. From here, I continued towards the Vitalienmarkt and on towards the north. I walked some typical Munich streets with architecture typical of Bavaria before reaching Odeonsplatz.

Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Sunlight striking the wall of a building in Munich city centre

From here, I crossed the Hofgarten, which has some nice views over the city, and crossed some of the English Garden to enter the Schwabing neighbourhood. Here, I passed a triumphal arch and walked down Leopoldstrasse. A gigantic white statue of a walking man drew my attention. This statue of Borofsky makes the Munich Re building behind it stand out in the street, literally. The quiet residential area of Schwabing was a nice change from what I had seen so far. Here, I found pleasant streets with some modern and some more classical buildings.

Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Walking Man statue with Munich Re building in the background
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Marienplatz: New City Hall and Marian column in Munich city centre
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Contours of Munich and Old City Hall seen from Marienplatz
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): New City Hall on Marienplatz in Munich
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Max Joseph square dominated by a statue in Munich
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Towers of Theatinerchurch dominating row of typical buildings
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Lanterns and shadows on a wall in Munich city centre
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Looking at Munich from the Diana temple in the Hofgarten
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Elegant apartment block in Munich
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Schwabing neighbourhood in Munich
Picture of Munich architecture (Germany): Apartment block in the outskirts of Munich

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