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Sweden: Stockholm waterfront

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[Visited: September 2007 and several times before]

If there would be one city where taking a city tour does not make sense, Stockholm would be it. Certainly, the city itself is beautiful and there are plenty of things to do and see in the city. But a large part of the beauty and elegance of the city lies in its location at the mouth of Lake Mälaren; the islands, the boats sailing past, the unexpected views of the city. You do not need a fixed plan to explore the waterfront; just walking, taking a turn here, going straight there and following whatever interests you can keep you busy for the best part of a day.

Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Strandvägen waterfront seen from Skeppsholmsbron

I started on the western part of the city centre. My first view of the waterfront was the City Hall, a remarkable building right on the waterfront. Walking on the opposite side, on Riddarholmen, one of the many islands of the Stockholm archipelago, the view was as good as it can get. Walking on from here, after a brief walk up to Riddarholmskyrkan, I saw a group of Swedes fishing in the waters: a common sight almost anywhere on the waterfront of the Swedish capital. The waters must be healthy and full of fish; I always see someone take a fish out of the water. From here, I passed the southernmost tip of Gamla Stan, and walked back towards the city. Gamla Stan is picturesque of course; the view of the Old Town has a completely new perspective from the waterfront. And at the end of Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace takes on even bigger dimensions when seen from the water.

Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Ship moored at Stockholm waterfront

Always following the waterfront took me to Skeppsholmen. Even though it is still close to the city, it is more quiet here, also because it is traffic-free. Walking on the western side gives marvellous views on Gamla Stan, and access to Kastellholmen which is even more quiet. Climbing the hill on which the castle is built allows for good views towards the Old Town, Djurgården, the opposite side from which the large ships leave for far away destinations. Walking back towards the city, you pass a long line of special, and sometimes old, boats from many countries, which gives it the feel of an open-air museum. From here, the view to the right shows Strandvägen. As you approach the city, you can continue to walk along the waterfront; all along, it is bordered by stately houses.

Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Ships docked at quayside of Skeppsholmen
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Stockholm City Hall and boat
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Castle on Kastellholmen
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Spire of Riddarholmskyrkan towering above the houses on Riddarholmen
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Looking at Gamla Stan from the waterfront
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Fishing at Riddarholmen: Swedes at the waterfront
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Swedish woman enjoying the sun; Gamla Stan in the background
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Royal Palace seen from Skeppsholmsbron
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Modern sculpture at Skeppsbrokajen, Gamla Stan
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): View on National Museum and boat from Gamla Stan
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Sagerska palatset and bridge
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Ferry boat and cruise ships
Picture of Stockholm waterfront (Sweden): Amusement park Gröna Lund on Djurgården

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