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Switzerland: Swiss Alps Mountain cycling

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Swiss Alps Mountain cycling | Switzerland | Europe

[Visited: Several times since 1981]

Although I am from perhaps the flattest country on earth, I have always loved the mountains. Whether flying over them, walking in them, or seeing them in a distance, my heart always makes a beat extra when I spot them. Therefore, a favourite country of mine in Europe is Switzerland, the lowest part of which is still higher than the highest point in my own country!

Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Grimsel mountain pass in Switzerland

Obviously, I went to Switzerland especially in the time in which I still cycled the mountains. I kept all the records of the mountain passes I climbed and there is only one pass of over 2,000 metres left which I did not climb! Of all the tours I made, I select one from the heart of the country to Nice, France. Not in a direct line, but following the ridge of the Alps. The first pass was the Susten, then I climbed Grimsel, Furka and Gotthard all on one day. The second day included Nufenen and Great St. Bernard, which is where I left Switzerland. The pictures you can see here were taken on that tour. A fragment from my diary: "The snow walls next to me are getting higher and higher, they are now higher even than the busses on the road. I feel smaller and smaller in comparison."

Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Nufenen pass in Switzerland

One more reason for which I liked Switzerland so much as a cyclist was that their roads were superb, as compared to other countries in the neighbourhood. While writing these lines many years after the last cycling tour, a kind of nostalgia comes to me. Whenever I fly over the Alps, I try to recognize the roads on which I cycled. Maybe it is time to go back with my bicycle!

Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Road on the Nufenen mountain pass
Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Furka mountain pass road
Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Great Saint Bernhard mountain pass and frozen lake
Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Lake, cars and bus right on top of the Nufenen pass at 2478 metres altitude
Picture of Swiss Alps Mountain cycling (Switzerland): Frozen lake at over 2400 metres altitude: the Great Saint Bernhard Pass

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