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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Trebinje

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Trebinje | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Europe

[Visited: May 2014]

The original plan is to drive all the way to Stolac, or even further west. Driving down the empty mountain landscapes south of Sarajevo, in the Republica Srpska, I enjoy the views of snow-topped mountains, pretty villages amidst green fields full of flowers, and easy to drive, empty roads. Things are going well, and I am advancing pretty easily. I decide to take the road that appears okay on my map, and that ensures the fastest possible connection to the main road leading south. I drive through a small village, and where I was driving on a good asphalt road before, I suddenly notice that the road has become a mere track, and I am driving slowly, zig-zagging on the road to cautiously avoid rocks and potholes. At first, it feels like adventure, but after half an hour, I realize the road is not going to improve at all - on the contrary: it is getting always worse. The scenery is great, but I am so concentrated on driving that I can hardly enjoy it. Then, the road starts to climb, and becomes very muddy; I now have to be very careful not to get stuck because I would not know how to get the car out all by myself. Then, suddenly, I realize that driving down the road is not an option: the risk of the car breaking down, or getting stuck in the mud, is simply too high.

Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Some of the houses of the old town are right on the river Trebišnjica

When I reach the asphalt again, I am happy, but it is not over yet: instead of driving all the way back to where I know the main road runs, I decide to take one more inside road. You can call me heard-headed. The road turns out to be slightly better, and, driving slowly, I reach the highway to the south after half an hour. Where before I had plenty of time on my sleeve, I now realize that I have lost two precious hours. There is a police check, and a little further on, an accident has happened; when I reach a mountain pass, I get out to finally have something to eat while enjoying the view of the mountain landscape with a herd of sheep. when I finally reach Trebinje, the sun has already sunk behind the mountain range, I need to take fuel, I clean the car, and after some thinking, I decide to stay here instead of driving west, into the night. I quickly install myself in one of those old, big hotels, cross the river Trebišnjica, and walk into the old town of Trebinje. Where before I was a little disappointed for not having made it further west, I am now content with this unexpected opportunity to explore the old town of Trebinje, and I decide to come back the next morning.

Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): One of the squares of the old town of Trebinje

Even before the alarm clock wakes me up, I am out of bed, get ready, and I make it to the bridge to the old town again before the sun. There are a lot of clouds in the sky, but there is enough light to reflect off the houses lining the river bank. When I arrive in the old town, I am the only one around. I walk the narrow streets and alleys, some of which are accessed through arched gateways, the small squares with stones and trees, past churches and mosques, until I reach the city gates at the other side. Trebinje was a walled city, back in the Middle Ages. After cruising all the streets, I cross the bridge again, and walk to the Ottoman-era stone bridge, a ten-minute walk along the banks of the river Trebišnjica. From a distance, I see the double-arched Arslanagić bridge reflected in the waters of the river; walking past it, the view is even better because the sun shines on it. When I am back at the old town again, the sun finds a hole in the clouds and throws its merciful rays of light on the medieval houses on the other side; their reflection on the water of the river is warm.

Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): The famous double-arched bridge built in Ottoman times
Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Reflection of poplars and old houses in the river Trebišnjica
Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Renovated house in the old town of Trebinje
Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): The old town of Trebinje with its small streets
Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Access to the walled old town of Trebinje is through city gates
Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Arched gateway to the old town of Trebinje
Picture of Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): A street in the old town of Trebinje in the early morning

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