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Norway: Tryvann skiing

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[Visited: January 2008 and several times before]

When in Oslo in winter, do as the Osloers do: go skiing! Just behind the famous ski jump arena of Holmenkollen, you can find a small ski area which is just perfect for a half or full day of skiing. Taking a suburban train directly from the city centre brings you within walking distance from the TV tower at Tryvann where you can also rent the equipment you need. From there, you can choose from over 10 slopes, from beginner's slopes to those for more advanced skiers. For those who want to, there are all kinds of fun things to try, like a half pipe and some jumping hills.

Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Telemark skiing is popular in Norway: going down at Tryvann

While the slopes right down from the TV tower at Tryvann are good for skiing, the most interesting slope is a short ski-lift ride away from the bottom of one of the slopes. It is called the Wyllerløypa, after a Norwegian skier who died in the Second World War, and is the longest and most challenging slope of Tryvann Vinterpark. It is around 1400m long, broad with several small hills in its track. Here, you can see the best skiers, telemark skiers, and snow-boarders showing their skills; sometimes, you can find and try a prepared slalom track. At the bottom, you can drink and eat to keep you going in a small restaurant

Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Tryvann Vinterpark: Wyller slope is the most interesting slope

One of the great things about Tryvann is that the slopes are all lit at night. This is necessary, because winterdays are short in Norway. It gives the opportunity to ski until 10pm during weekdays; if you have never tried it: you can actually see better than during the day, especially when there is no sun. After 6pm, more people come skiing: they take to the slopes after working during the day. Just thinking of how lucky they are, living in a city with skiing just around the corner, can make many people jealous. It also explains how the Norwegians can be so good at skiing!

Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Snow-boarders going up a ski-lift at Tryvann
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Racing down a slope at Tryvann: snowboarder
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Skiing backwards on a blue slope at Tryvann
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Going down at Tryvann
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Reducing speed for another downhill ski at Wyllerløypa
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Getting ready for a downhill run at Tryvann Vinterpark
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Young kids learning to ski at Tryvann
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Tryvann Vinterpark: skiers getting ready for their next descent
Picture of Tryvann skiing (Norway): Train back to Oslo after an evening of skiing

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