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Liechtenstein: Vaduz

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[Visited: August 1987]

One of the smaller states in Europe, Liechtenstein is hidden between Austria and Switzerland. And always surrounded by a bit of mystery, mainly thanks to its relaxed tax regime and attraction to big capital from people world-wide. While on one of my many Interrail trips through Europe, I decided to discover this little principality.

Picture of Vaduz (Liechtenstein): Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

Since trains don't reach the little state, I entered the country by bus from Switzerland. Straight up to the capital Vaduz. This must be one of the smallest capitals in Europe, actually consisting just of a few streets. Since Liechtenstein is known also for its stamps, I went to the stamp museum which had some fine samples on display.

Picture of Vaduz (Liechtenstein): Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to walk around the mountains of this country. But as an old rule in traveling has it: "always leave a good reason to come back for!"

Picture of Vaduz (Liechtenstein): Vaduz church in Liechtenstein

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