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New Zealand: Milford Sound

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Milford Sound > New Zealand > Oceania

[Visited: May 1995]

As we wake up, it seems as if the rain tries to demolish the roof and windows of our camper. Just stepping outside of the vehicle is enough to get completely soaked. This is the day in which we planned to visit Milford Sound. Despite all the efforts of the weather to change our plans, we are determined to go in our eternal optimism. The harder it rains, the likelier it is that it will stop soon. Or so we hope.

Picture of Milford Sound (New Zealand): Milford Sound, New Zealand

Since we are real optimists, we decide to leave anyway. Under dark skies, from which seemingly endless amounts of water are pouring down, we drive towards our destination of the day. But if anything, the weather only seems to worsen. The absolute worst moments are when we descend the mountain pass towards the sea. The road seems to be transformed into a growing river, and it is an effort to keep the camper on the road.

Picture of Milford Sound (New Zealand): Milford Sound with rays of sunlight coming in

As we arrive at the departure point of the boat, we discover it already left. But there is another one. While waiting for that boat, miraculously the rain stops and the skies open. By the time we get on the boat, there is even some sunlight. And as we go down the Sound, we are rewarded for our endurance. Rays of late sunlight act like spotlights on the mountain peaks surrounding this Sound. They play a game of light and shadow with the characteristic moutain tops all around. This game keeps us fascinated until the end of the tour. What started as a terrible, wet day, ended as one of the most beautiful of our trip to New Zealand.

Picture of Milford Sound (New Zealand): Milford Sound in the afternoon sunlight

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