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Australia: Uluru Ayers Rock

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Uluru Ayers Rock | Australia | Oceania

[Visited: April 1995]

The symbol of Australia and the biggest rock on the face of earth, Ayers Rock merits a visit for several reasons. I must admit that I was not prepared to find what I found. The Rock has a strong meaning for the Aboriginals, and it turned out to be much more than just a huge stone. Before coming to Ayers, I had already seen the rock several times from the plane (this also gives an idea of its size!).

Picture of Uluru Ayers Rock (Australia): Ayers Rock with tree

But of course, standing next to it is more impressive. Being a performer, the main thing on my mind was to climb it, until I read in a museum that the Aboriginals actually advice not to do it, out of respect for their culture. After an internal struggle, my performance-mind won, and I enjoyed the view of the top. Actually the beginning of the climb is not easy, and a lot of people already have to turn back there.

Picture of Uluru Ayers Rock (Australia): Sunset at Ayers Rock

What I appreciated more than the climb, however, was a walk around the base of the rock, guided by an Aboriginal. A lot of stories came out, the history, traditions, the significance of several parts of the rock, the watering system, and a lot of other things. So, what initially seemed like just an interesting climb and a visit to a mountain, turned out to be an interesting mix between culture and nature.

Picture of Uluru Ayers Rock (Australia): Sunset at Ayers Rock
Picture of Uluru Ayers Rock (Australia): Pool at the bottom of Ayers Rock
Picture of Uluru Ayers Rock (Australia): Cave inside Ayers Rock

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