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Namibia: Namibian roads

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[Visited: July 1994, February 1995, September 1995, July 1999]

For me, in Namibia also the roads are a sight in themselves. They are an adventure, some of them are extremely good, most of them are gravel, but all of them are beautiful. They are an integral part of the landscapes through which one goes. There are few stretches of road which are boring - most are almost thrillers. Every curve, every turn gives new panoramas. Behind every mountain, there are more. And sometimes, after hours on the road, you just discover the sea. Out of the blue.

Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Namibian desert: Empty road

At times, it seems that mountains are just floating in the air like clouds. Like with clouds, during the long hours on the road you start to fantasize what they can portray. And the, suddenly, they are behind you and you see more mountains, sanddunes, and most of all nothingness. Namibia is a continuous chain of emptiness. But emptiness of a rare beauty.

Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Namib desert landscape

Despite all the stretches of seemingly no-mans land, fences are often spotted next to the road. In times when you almost wonder whether you are still on this planet, they are one of the few things to remind you that you indeed are.

Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Lone fence in Namibian landscape
Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Gravel road in Namibia
Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Road, trees and sand dunes in Namibia
Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Road in Namibia
Picture of Namibian roads (Namibia): Typical gravel road in Namibia

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