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BizRevolution, a Brazilian online magazine, wrote this: (19 October 2001)

Do dia para a noite, Boris Kester - programador de software - decidiu largar tudo e se tornar comissário de bordo de uma companhia aérea. O seu objetivo ? Conhecer o mundo inteiro e documentá-lo neste web site que ele chama de "Volta ao mundo em 80 cliques". Mas atenção, não vá me culpar se você decidir fazer a mesma coisa.

In August, 2001, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine published this short article about Around the World in 80 Clicks:

Around the World in 80 Clicks; Boris Kester, a computer programmer turned flight attendant, is the photographer and author of these personal accounts, taking readers from an elephant orphanage in Kenya to mysterious Easter Island. Just don't blame us if you want to quit your day job, too. []

A Croatian site wrote this about Around the World in 80 Clicks

"Put oko svijeta u 80 klikova". Boris Kester je odlièan vodiè, a to je najbitnija karakteristika svakoga tko zheli napraviti odlièan site za putovanja. Osim shto aeete ovdje pronaaei fantastiène fotografije egzotiènih lokacija, vashu aee glad za putovanjima po svijetu donekle utazhiti odlièni kratki putopisi o udaljenim mjestima. Èim zaronite u ovaj Borisov svijet, jednostavno aeete morati saznati shto je sve dozhivio na svojim proputovanjima od Kaira, preko Bahraina do Hokkaida.

[Translation:] Travel around the world in 80 clicks! Boris Kester is an excellent tour leader, and that is the most importante characteristic that person who wants to make site about travelling must have. Moreover, you will find here fantastic pictures of exotic locations, and your hunger about travelling around the world will be, in some measure, satisfied with short excellent travel stories about far away places. When you "plunge" into Boris' world, you will get to know about his adventures on his trips from Cairo to Bahrain and on to Hokkaido.

Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter wrote this about Around the World in 80 Clicks: (19 April 2001)

Computer programmer turned flight attendant, Boris Kester, has taken on a third endeavor; documenting his travels around the world through his website Despite the thousands of miles he has traveled, the hundred countries he has visited, and the countless number of tourist attractions he has seen, Boris manages to report on these exotic places with the innocent excitement of a first-time traveler. He shares his journeys through photographs and personal stories, usually focusing on a piece of art or architecture in each city. The site is self-funded, which empowers it with a quality of sincerity that makes visiting it so special.

Netsurfer Digest commented this about (10 April, 2001)

Boris Kester has the essential characteristic for a successful travel site: he's a great guide. Aside from the very good photographs of exotic places, the well crafted short stories about hidden worlds in far-flung megalopoli, what it comes down to is you just want to see what Boris found last time he hopped a plane to Cairo, or Bahrain, or Hokkaido. This former computer programmer turned flight attendant has a knack for finding truly interesting tourist sites. Despite the hundreds of thousands of miles he's logged on and over every continent, his descriptions are as fresh as any wide-eyed college backpacker's.

Optimum Online: Best of the Web writes:

View the labor of love of a globetrotting flight attendant who's amassed an inspiring collection of photographic essays of his travels in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

WebGids, 1st Edition, Autumn 2000

Around the World in 80 Clicks: formidable idea. This is a site about which the Internet can be proud. It is a large travelogue that you can share while clicking away with your mouse. You read beautiful stories, discover places you had never heard of, and acquire a lot of knowledge. The site is also visually attractive: splendid pictures come by in a high frequency. Should you not know where to start, and we can imagine that, take a Surprise Trip. Author of this site is Boris Kester. Applause and a deep bow.

Staggering site which takes you for an apparently random trip around the world in word and image. A digital jewel of high calibre!

Avant Garde, January, 2001

This is a site about which the Internet can be proud. 'Around the World in 80 Clicks' is a large travel cronicle of which you become a part by clicking your mouse. Impressive stories, just discovered spots, and an incredible amount of breahtaking pictures. After all, the eye has to be pleased as well. The author of this surprising site, Boris Kester, is a storehouse of information and is willing to share that information with the reader. This digital chronicle is quite large, so if you don't know where to start, it is advisable to take a surprise trip first.

Zeenz, Dutch digital news site

Making a trip around the world while touching the keys on your keyboard? That's possible on But watch out, because you will keep on clicking on this site. And what's very good, is that the Kinderdijk windmills are well represented on this site. You can also download beautiful screensavers and send a card of your favourite holiday destination to friends, colleagues or family.

Killer startups

If you want an impartial travel guide from one man who has made it his life's work to explore the world then you need to check out the web site called It was made by a man called Boris Kester and it contains his views and opinions on all the different places he has visited. Each time he goes traveling he adds to his web site, so it is updating all the time. His site currently contains six hundred and eighty seven stories from one hundred and twelve different countries around the world. Boris has been building the content on this site to give you one mans view of some of the best places he has visited on the planet. The site has a staggering amount of photos as well, nearly six and a half thousand of them are available to view. Browse this site at your leisure or use the search facility if you are looking for a specific place.

Picture of South Korean newspaper Picture of South Korean newspaper II

Then, an article appeared in a South Korean newspaper mentioning among others Around the World in 80 Clicks. This is part of the article dedicated to Around the World in 80 Clicks (whomever can translate this text, please let me know!)

In 2018, I was interviewed for Counting Countries by Ric Gazarian; this is available as a podcast which you can listen to live, or save to hear while on the road (takes more than two hours).

Around the World in 80 Clicks

This site seeks to inspire travelers, to inform people about places they might have never heard of, through images and text. Here, you can find thousands of pictures taken all over the world - all for you to explore. All are accompanied by personal travel impressions.
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