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Saint Kitts and Nevis: Black Rocks

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Black Rocks | Saint Kitts and Nevis | Americas

[Visited: September 2011]

On our way around pretty St Kitts island, we were still enjoying our visit to Brimstone Hill Fortress on our clockwise tour around the island when we visited the well-kept old Rawlins Plantation We had lunch in a snackette on our way, and after the historical visit in the morning, we looked forward to visit the Black Rocks, just past the village of Saddlers. Shortly after the turn-off, we saw quite a few minivans parked, and realized that this was a regular stop for cruise ship passengers as well. Locals had set up souvenir and snack shops around the parking lot, and despite the relative remoteness of the place, it gave a strange touristy feeling of an otherwise empty place. Sure enough, on a non-cruise ship day, this place would be empty.

Picture of Black Rocks (Saint Kitts and Nevis): Crushing wave on a black lava rock in the sea on the north shore of St Kitts

Even before seeing the sea, we heard the irresistible sound of waves breaking on the shore of the island. We walked down a little bit, where we had a great view of the stretch of black rocks. In fact, these are the remainders of a lava flow from Mt. Liamuiga, the 1155 metre high volcano that dominates the landscape in northern St Kitts. The sharp shapes of the rocks made the waves crush on the shore in a particularly wild fashion, and we just stood there in silence, watching the continuous spectacle of wave after wave, one even higher than the previous, on these resilient rocks.

Picture of Black Rocks (Saint Kitts and Nevis): Wave breaking on a black rock in northern St Kitts

Since there were many others around and we were still carrying our local lunch in a lunch box, we walked a little further east to find a quiet spot to eat with a view. After crossing a small cluster of houses, we found a tiny trail towards the coast, and found out it led to a confined space for pigs. Walking around it, we sat down on the soil, without a good view of the black rocks below us. The grunting pigs behind scared us at times, and we gave them the leftovers of lunch before walking back to the viewing spot. The tourists were gone, the locals were closing shop, and we had the place to ourselves now. We again watched the onslaught of the Caribbean waves on the Black Rocks, knowing that when we left, that would continue, forever.

Picture of Black Rocks (Saint Kitts and Nevis): White waves on a black shore in northern St Kitts
Picture of Black Rocks (Saint Kitts and Nevis): Black lava rocks on the shore of northern St Kitts
Picture of Black Rocks (Saint Kitts and Nevis): Wave crushing on the black lava rocks in the north of St Kitts

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