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Jamaica: Bob Marley Mausoleum

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[Visited: April 2009]

Driving up from the northern coast, the road through the green landscape of St. Ann shows us how beautiful the interior of Jamaica really is. Rolling hills, dense vegetation, sometimes reaching a point where we had broad views. We crossed small, vibrant towns with markets. We knew we had reached Nine Mile when we saw the Cedella Marley school on our right hand side. The fences all painted in Rasta colours: red, yellow, and green. We stopped to meet and take pictures of some of the kids, before moving on. Just a little ahead, Rastafaris approached our car and it was clear we had arrived. Picking one of the Rastas to be our tour leader was easy and peaceful, and before we knew it we were on our way further down the road.

Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): The legacy of Bob will never die

We see not just gardens with coffee plants and fruit trees where vegetarian Bob Marley used to pick his fruits, but more interestingly, also a piece of land with all kinds of marihuana or ganja plants. The guide knows what he is talking about and can name all different plants, how they should be treated, how they grow, and which are the best according to him. Some of the plants were donated by growers around the world. According to the guide, this was a major source of ganja for the King of Reggae himself. We walk back to the Bob Marley centre, where another Rasta guide takes us around. We see the place where Bob Marley was born, the simple two-room cottage in which he lived as a child before moving to Trench Town in Kingston with his mother after his British father died - a move that brought him into touch with music and would ultimately lead to his musical career.

Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Building with the grave of Bob Marley in Rasta colours on top of Mount Zion

Before entering the cottage, we are asked to take off our shoes. The walls of the small bedroom are covered with messages to Bob Marley from fans around the world. The guide allows us to lie on the bed for a snapshot, before we move on to the small courtyard where the rock pillow is, inevitably painted in red-yellow-green. Used for inspiration, the rock pillow is also mentioned in his song Talkin Blues. We see the tomb of his mother, who recently died, and half-brother. Then, it is time to visit the place where the King of Reggae is resting. Photography is not allowed inside. A peaceful place, a strange mix of sensations: physically, he is dead, but then his grave somehow vibrates life. Our guide greets and salutes him. Bob Marley rests in a tomb 6 feet above the ground, his body embalmed. Someone who bought ganja for himself, decides to leave it behind for Bob to smoke. We walk around his tomb, and it is amazing how the Reggae master still inspires respect and breaths charisma from his coffin.

Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Weed grown in a garden near Bob Marley Mausoleum
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): One Love, one of the main messages of Bob Marley
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): The face of Bob Marley in a Rasta frame with the title of one of his albums
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Bedroom of Bob Marley with the bed that inspired him to write Is This Love?
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Tribute to Emperor Haile Selassie I near the mausoleum of Bob Marley
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Rasta colours are everywhere in the Bob Marley mausoleum compound
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Mother of Bob Marley buried close to her son
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Rasta guide with head and dreadlocks on the rock pillow often used by Bob Marley
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Rasta guide in a good mood
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Road to Mount Zion
Picture of Bob Marley Mausoleum (Jamaica): Bob Marley in a carved door

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