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Surinam: Galibi

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Galibi | Surinam | Americas

[Visited: July 2007]

Coming directly from Paramaribo, stepping off the boat that took us to Galibi from Albina was like stepping into another world. The atmosphere was very laid back in this fishing village, and the people are amerindians and looked completely different. They are actually Caribs who established Galibi as their capital of the region, Galibi being an old French name for Caribs. Galibi is called Kupali Yuma by the locals, meaning "tree of the forefathers". It actually consists of two villages: Christiaankondre and Langamankondre, which have now merged into one village along the banks of the Marowijne or Maroni river.

Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Fisherboat in the Marowijne river off the beach of Galibi

Galibi is very quiet, and built spaciously - each house seems to be a separate entity as there is ample space between one house and the next, giving the inhabitants a lot of privacy. Some houses are built on stilts in the typical Caribbean way, but there are also structures built directly on the sand. There are many footpaths connecting different parts of the village, almost all running roughly north-south along the banks of the Marowijne river. There are no cars, and the footpaths are all sandy, which gives any walk in this settlement a relaxing atmosphere.

Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Galibi shop

We arrived in the middle of a football match between teams representing the two parts of the village. More than just a match, it was a social gathering; entire families were sitting under trees, having something to eat, while under another tree music was being played for entertainment while the players were running for the ball over the sand field. Even when heavy showers hit the field, play was not suspended. The end of the match was a good reason for a party. The next day, the field had turned into the central square of Galibi, singing coming from the school on the other side of the field.

Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Football in the middle of Galibi just before heavy rain
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Supporters of the local football team watching a match
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Watching a football match while sitting on the beach of Galibi
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Football team warming up during half time of a football match in Galibi
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): House in Galibi
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Fisherboats lying in the Marowijne river in the morning at Galibi
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Black vultures and a fisherboat at Galibi
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Galibi fisherboats on the banks of the Marowijne river
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Low tide at Galibi beach with fisherboats
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Galibi house
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Some of the typical houses in Galibi
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Different parts of Galibi are connected by footpaths
Picture of Galibi (Surinam): Tropical forest near Galibi on the Marowijne river

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