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Grenada: Grenville

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[Visited: October 2011]

We did not have to wait long for the minibus to leave the bus station of St. George's, and a 45 minutes drive took us over the mountainous countryside to the east of Grenada. The bus stopped at the market, and from here, we explored Grenville, the second city of the island. Where the capital has the facilities to accommodate large cruise ships and is close to the most famous beaches of the island, Grenville could be called the authentic capital of Grenada. Named after an 18th century British prime minister, this is the place of the largest nutmeg processing plant of the island - the major commodity of Grenada; it is the economic hub of the east and serves as a transportation hub. In fact, minibuses seemed to be on a constant move here.

Picture of Grenville (Grenada): View of Grenville with boats and mountains in the background

We started off walking towards the sea, passing the fish market on our way to the pier jutting out of the beach. Here, we met a couple of genuinely friendly guys who were fishing with simple gear. A few boys were selling bundles of crab, others were in for a chat about their life here on the windward side of the island. This was the overall impression we would have in Grenville: people open for contact, curious about us just like we were curious about them, willing to share and show a bit of their country of which they are deservedly proud. It is telling that, even after 7 years, the name Ivan pops up regularly in conversations: this hurricane that hit the country in 2004 has had a deep impact on Grenada.

Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Street in Grenville

We walked back to the fish market, where guys with large knives were working hard to cut up large fish for sale. We noticed some great slogans on the wall of the fish market (like: Breast is best, fish is next), met some more sympathetic and colourful people on our way through the bustling streets of Grenville. We also had our first oil down here, the Grenadian specialty, which filled us up for the rest of the day. Seeing all the crowds in the street, it was hard to believe this town only has 2,500 inhabitants, but then again, probably many of those we saw, were in here for the day for shopping or trading. To our surprise, the minivan taking us further north did not even wait until full, but just left, apparently hoping to pick up passengers along the way.

Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Men trying to catch fish from a pier in Grenville
Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Church with bell tower in Grenville
Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Typical house with corrugated walls in Grenville
Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Local guy with hat on a pier in Grenville
Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Fresh fish being prepared for sale on the fishmarket in Grenville
Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Crabs for sale on a pier in Grenville
Picture of Grenville (Grenada): Market on parking lot also serving as bus station

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