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Brazil: Iguazu Falls

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Iguazu Falls | Brazil | Americas

[Visited: September 1992]

One of the main sights of South America is Iguazu Falls. On one of the first occasions I was in the continent, I decided for a visit. Sometimes people ask me what can be so interesting in seeing a waterfall. By asking this question, for me it becomes clear at once that these people have never seen one. To me, a waterfall is a continuous show, always different, always spectacular, always impressive. Iguazu is no exception.

Picture of Iguazu Falls (Brazil): On the edge of Iguazu Falls

One of the shared characteristics of nearly all mayor waterfalls is that they are shared by two or even three countries - so is Iguazu: there is a Brazilian and an Argentine side. Both have their own specialties. On the Brazilian side, it is possible to walk around, and even climb up to where the water flows metres before tumbling down. I even enjoyed a wonderful sunset here, the water racing by the stone on which i sat, a light drizzle all around me, foam forming where the falling water hit the thundering water trying to continue as a river.

Picture of Iguazu Falls (Brazil): Iguazu Falls from below

At the time of my visit, the Argentine side had various walkways which permitted the visitor to come quite close to the edge of the water, and which offered great views of the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. It is also possible to go down to a beach, from where you can take a boat ride on the wild river, getting close to the foot of the waterfalls. From whichever side you look at it, the sounds, the trembling of the earth, the sprays of water, the colours, they all contribute to a feeling of human smallness compared to natural greatness.

Picture of Iguazu Falls (Brazil): Iguazu Falls
Picture of Iguazu Falls (Brazil): Looking up Iguazu falls
Picture of Iguazu Falls (Brazil): Part of the massive waterfalls of Iguazu

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