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Haiti: Labadie

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Labadie | Haiti | Americas

[Visited: July 2007]

When the tap-tap stopped after a bumpy ride from Cap Haitien, we had reached the end of the road, but not Labadie. Here, we found an enormous amusement park on land and in the water - property of a Caribbean cruise company which lets its passengers play here. Sturdy fences around the park make sure that they will never realize they are in the poorest country of the western hemisphere, and probably not even they are in Haiti. After a few minutes in a small boat, we turned the corner, and the bay of Labadie opened to our eyes. In one word: beautiful!

Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Looking out over Labadie bay from one of the beaches

Lush vegetation covering the hills, giving a green frame to the white beaches and the incredibly transparent turquoise waters below. The watertaxi dropped us at our hotel, after which we directly started exploring this fishing village. We were soon captivated by the charm of the village: the slow pace, the small squares where we found people chatting, the shops and make shift restaurants, the fishermen repairing their nets or painting their boats, children running around or playing football, the murals (an elaborate one with the heroes and symbols of haiti), and last but not least the views of the bay.

Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Colourful fisher boats in Labadie bay

Apart from the village, Labadie probably has some of the best beaches in Haiti. Instead of taking a watertaxi to visit them, we walked and climbed to one of the beaches: a straight stretch of powdery almost white sand. Tiny translucent turquoise waves crushed on the beach; finding a place here was easy as we were the only ones around. A group of boys soon turned up from the rocks and entertained us by talking, dancing and posing for pictures. Later we had an afternoon walk in the village with warm light; Labadie offers a perfect sunset view. The days in Labadie went by too fast, and leaving it was not easy.

Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Labadie: boats under a tree
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): View over Labadie bay
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Early morning in Labadie with fisherboats
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Waiting watertaxis in Labadie
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Watertaxi with a message: in God we trust
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Small square in Labadie: a social gathering place
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Shack in Labadie
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Symbols of Haitian history represented on mural in Labadie
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Houses in Labadie
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Boats in Labadie are colourful and well maintained
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Football is popular in Labadie
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Transparent turquoise water near Labadie
Picture of Labadie (Haiti): Carrying water in Labadie

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