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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Morpion Islet

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Morpion Islet | Saint Vincent and the Grenadines | Americas

[Visited: October 2011]

After a brief visit to Petit Martinique in Grenada where we shopped for lunch, our colourful captain steered his powerful boat past the island of Petit Saint Vincent to a small strip of white sand barely sticking out of the Caribbean sea. As we got closer, we noticed a group of birds on the islet, a lone parasol on the eastern side of the strip of sand, and were in awe by the amazingly translucent, turquoise waters surrounding it. Surrounded by coral reefs, our captain had to prove his skills to be able to deliver us to the shore of Morpion, dubbed engagement island by some. In fact, it is easy to imagine a prospective suitor falling on his knees right under the parasol to propose to the woman of his dreams.

Picture of Morpion Islet (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines):

The waves were rocking the boat, and when I thought it was safe to disembark, the boat moved vehemently, throwing me back and hurting my fingers. When we were finally on the fine, white sand and the boat sailed away, it felt like we had found a dream island. The sun was shining relentlessly, and the reflection of the white sand was harsh, but we loved the place anyway. I wondered who would ever use the parasol; at the same time, it made Morpion look more photogenic. Walking around the islet takes less than a minute, and it obviously offers unlimited views in all directions. Union Island, Petit Saint Vincent, Petit Martinique, Carriacou, Mayreau, the Tobago Cays: they can all be seen from here.

Picture of Morpion Islet (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines): Small stretch of sand sticking out of the Caribbean sea: Morpion islet

Perhaps the nicest spot on the islet was the western side, where wild waves washed across the sand of the fragile islet. It would have been great to spend more time on the islet of Morpion, swim and snorkel in the waters around it, but we were on our way to the Tobago Cays - our curiosity won us over and we signalled to our captain that we were ready to leave. Our guide cautiously helped us to enter the boat, and when our captain steered our boat away, we kept our eyes fixed on this precious marvel of the Caribbean. As the colour of the sea below us turned darker, we knew that we had left the shallow waters surrounding Morpion islet.

Picture of Morpion Islet (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines): Green and turquoise sea separating Union Island from Morpion
Picture of Morpion Islet (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines): Wave sweeping across one side of the small sand bank-islet Morpion
Picture of Morpion Islet (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines): Morpion sand bank surrounded by green sea and topped with a lone parasol

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