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Barbados: Speightstown

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[Visited: August 2015]

Getting to Speightstown from Bridgetown turned out to be very easy: there are plenty of buses running from the northern terminal, and the drive takes less than an hour. The bus terminal is on the main road leading to the far north of Barbados, so I walk down towards the sea until I hit the sea. The main street of Speightstown of course runs parallel to the coast. I spend a couple of hours walking up and down the street, exploring this coastal town step by step. It is not a place of great sights, and that is probably precisely one of the reasons that gives you a very relaxed feeling here. You can walk around without a rush, and without a plan.

Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): The canal in Speightstown

Walking south, I walk until I reach the end of Speightstown. Local youth hangs around here, giving me a thumbs up. I venture into some of the side streets, where I come across small wooden buildings, all nicely painted, and almost all in need of a new layer of paint. Some of them look abandoned. On the main street again, I pass some shops, and walk towards the sea, where I walk a narrow path to a bay with a white sand beach on which the turquoise sea lands. Walking further north, I reach the pier, which officially is off-limits, and a small promenade, of which Speightstown could have more. I now return to the main street again, and head south once more.

Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Traditional Caribbean houses with galleries on the main street of Speightstown

It is time to walk slower, take frequent breaks. There is the church with a tiny cemetery: Barbadians are religious people. Further down the street, I keep lingering around a big blue and green building with a gallery. It has the same style as many other buildings on the main street, but somehow still stands out, because of its size, prominent location, and colour. Close to it, I find Arlington House, in a different style: an 18th century colonial building in which you can now find a museum. Then, there is the canal, with green waters and a wooden walkway that looks shaky. In the distance, you can see the hills of central Barbados. All the while, even after hours of walking through Speightstown, I meet the same people sitting at the same spot on the sidewalk, and befriend them. Their presence and their attitude further add to the relaxed atmosphere in town.

Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Turquoise and white waves arriving at the attractive beach of Speightstown
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): One of the most prominent houses on the main street in Speightstown
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Wooden house in Speightstown - one of many
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Typical wooden house in Speightstown
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): House on the main street of Speightstown
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Wooden balcony with blue doors in Speightstown
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Dark skies approaching over the sea with pier of Speightstown in the foreground
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Church in Speightstown
Picture of Speightstown (Barbados): Green house with balcony in Speightstown

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