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Honduras: Utila Keys

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Utila Keys > Honduras > Americas

[Visited: January 2005]

After having stayed a few days on Utila, I wanted to see the Utila Keys as well. Apparently, at some time in history some inhabitants of Utila decided to settle on these small islands because there were no sandflies. Two of the keys, Pigeon and Suc Suc Key, are almost entirely covered by houses, but the others are uninhabited, or have just a few houses on them. Another reason for visiting the islands is their beautiful beaches. So I walked around Utila town, and soon found a boatman of English origin, who was willing to take me to the islands.

Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Water Key: beach and island rising out of the Caribbean sea

Sailing was smooth, the sun shining on us and the sea, and bringing out the brightest colours in the water, and we soon reached Pigeon Key. There, I walked around, on the only street, surprised by how densely populated this relaxed island was. I crossed the bridge to Suc Suc Key, and had a tasty lunch just at the other side. On the verandas, elderly people were watching life go by, children were playing in the streets, fishermen were preparing their boats, and the only sound to be heard came from the sea. It all felt very relaxing.

Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Water Key: palm tree at the white beach

But apart from seeing these inhabited keys, I also wanted to see Water Key, probably the most famous of the Utila Keys. A short hop took us there, and it was a fantastic feeling to jump off the boat on an empty island. I walked around, following the beach, with my feet in the transparent, azure waters of this Caribbean jewel. The inside of the island was covered by coconut trees, which gave it the perfect touch. The turquoise waters, the white beach all around, the palm trees leaning in the warm Caribbean air, it was like being in a postcard place.

Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Pigeon Key: coastline with houses
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Suc Suc Key: boat under repair
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Walking the bridge between Suc Suc Key and Pigeon Key
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Suc Suc Key: fish hanging to dry
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Pelican in a tree with moon in the background
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Water Key: palm trees on one tip of the island
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Water Key: boat and beach
Picture of Utila Keys (Honduras): Pigeon Key: proud to be Garífuna

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