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Honduras: Utila

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[Visited: January 2005]

After hiking around Honduras, exploring the culture and nature, meeting the Ladino population, it was time for something completely different. I decided to go to Utila at the end of my visit, not only to scuba dive and relax, but also to see this completely different face of Honduras. The boat ride was supposed to take just an hour, but as we left the harbour of La Ceiba, we directly hit the waves. We continued to dive into the waves, we were lifted up by them, the boat seemed a toy of the sea, waves flying over the upper deck of the boat. After 1h45 we finally arrived in Utila, many passengers sick, all passengers who had been outside, very wet.

Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: Tree over Caribbean waters

The next days were filled with morning dives, exploring the world underwater, which to me is always a pleasure, seeing an entirely different world almost completely unrelated to our own world. In the afternoon, I walked through the town, listening to the weird language spoken by the inhabitants. A mix between English and Spanish, the language has developed into something unique. The inhabitants, as well, are often a mix between English pirates who landed here centuries ago, but also Spanish and local population.

Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: hammocks at the beach

I also walked outside of town. Following a track and the runway of the old airport, I followed a track north, according to my guide leading to nice, secluded beaches. In reality, much of the terrain seemed to be claimed by estates and resorts, and I respected the Private Property signs. I arrived at the wild North coast, past the new airport, and again, obsering the signs asking to keep off, prevented me from reaching the highest hill on the island. I then had to struggle through a very muddy road, on which I went knee down into the mud, before reaching Utila again. There, I enjoyed another beautiful Caribbean sunset. After the intense weeks before, I thoroughly enjoyed my days in Utila and it felt bad to leave this island behind.

Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: palm trees struggling against the wind on the north coast
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: streetscene in one of the few streets of the town
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila town: window of typical wooden Caribbean house
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: waves breaking on the beach
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila town from a distance
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila fisherman waiting in the sun
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: relaxing on a bench with music
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: chatting in the street
Picture of Utila (Honduras): Utila: boat in the afternoon sun

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