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U.S.A.: Washington Monument

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Washington Monument | U.S.A. | Americas

[Visited: October 2008]

Sometimes, it is very easy to find your way to a sight: you do not need a map or directions. Such is the case with Washington Monument. This obelisk has been, and still is, the tallest structure of the capital of the United States. Moreover, it is centrally located on the Mall, almost exactly at the intersection between the White House, the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. Washington Monument is situated in a spacious area, which makes it stand out even more. Even from a distance, you can see it is a tall building, but the closer you get, the more impressive it becomes. As you climb the hill on top of which the monument was constructed, looking up requires you to put your head in your neck to be able to see the pinnacle.

Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Obelisk under the clouds: Washington Monument and flags

In the closing days of the 18th century, soon after the death of George Washington, the first President of the United States, it was decided that a monument should be erected in his memory. After decades of debates, the first cornerstone was laid during a ceremony for Independence Day in 1848. More problems had to be overcome, and the monument was finished only in 1888. At the time, it was the tallest structure of the world, until the completion of the much taller Eiffel Tower in 1889. To this day, at slightly under 170 metres, it is the tallest all-masonry structure and the tallest obelisk in the world. Each year, it is takes centre stage at the celebrations of Independence Day.

Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Washington Monument seen from the Constitution Gardens Lake

The obelisk consists of marble blocks without any decoration. Different types of marble were used, which can still be seen as there is a colour difference between the lower and the upper part of the obelisk. A circle of Stars and Stripes surround the base of Washington Monument. Inside, you can wander around on a platform. From here, looking up to the top of the monument is a dizzying experience. For great views over the city, you can either walk the 897 steps or take the elevator. While exploring the surrounding area of the Mall, you will often see Washington Monument again, reflected in a pool or in a lake, or just sticking out of its surroundings.

Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Looking up Washington Monument
Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Taking a stroll next to Washington Monument
Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): View of Washington Monument with Capitol building in the background
Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Flags and obelisk: view of Washington Monument from below
Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Obelisk and flags: Washington Monument surrounded by Stars and Stripes
Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Obelisk shadow: Washington Monument
Picture of Washington Monument (U.S.A.): Pointing towards the sky: Washington Monument and clouds

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