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[Visited: October 2009]

Before going to Bhutan, a friend asked me if I would come back with a Bhutanese girlfriend. I looked at him, and laughed - for some reason, I did not have an image of Bhutanese women and could not imagine them being attractive. Wrong! Soon after arriving in Bhutan, I discovered that the women can be very good looking and elegant, have many different appearances, are remarkably open, and are just plain fun to be around with. The fact that they often wear their kira, the traditional Bhutanese dress, makes them look even better. At the same time, I also saw Bhutanese girls in modern outfit.

Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Smiling Bhutanese girls

As always, initially I was a little hesitant to seek contact with people, and especially women, in Bhutan. But the very first day, a girl walked up to me, talked to me for a little while, and then said that she would not forget me even after her body would have turned to ashes. What followed were meetings with women of all kinds: schoolgirls who begged me to take their picture, women in shops who could not stop laughing out of shyness while trying to have a conversation, girls posing in their national dress, girls weaving, but also an old woman on her way to tending to her sheep, who had lost most of her eyesight, and who caused me to feel touched.

Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Bhutanese girls in their traditional kira in Phobjikha Valley

Perhaps it was because of the fact that Bhutan is not a very easy country to visit and independent travel is impossible - but I was not prepared for the openness of the people. With all the serious sightseeing, it was nice to be able to also have often lighthearted conversations with women. I soon realized that I was perhaps more of a curiosity to Bhutanese women than the other way around. Of the few visitors to this country, most come in a group tour, and are anyway of an advanced age. Anyway, Bhutanese women certainly made my visit to Bhutan more complete. And no, I did not come back with a Bhutanese girlfriend.

Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Girls in colourful kiras in Jakar
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Smiling Bhutanese girl
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Proud Bhutanese school girl posing for a picture
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Schoolgirl in central Bhutan
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Attending a tsechu: girl in purple dress
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Young girl looking at the photographer in central Bhutan
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Old Bhutanese woman in Central Bhutan
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Elegantly dressed Bhutanese girl near Tiger Nest monastery
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Bhutanese girl posing shyly for the camera
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Curious girl at a tsechu festival
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Weaving girl at work
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Curious girls staring at the photographer waiting for a religious leader
Picture of Bhutanese women (Bhutan): Friendly face: Bhutanese woman in a shop

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