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China: Huashan Mountain

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Huashan Mountain | China | Asia

[Visited: July 2000]

Most of the huge vast area of the still most populous country in the world is actually uninhabited, and consists mainly of mountains and deserts. While there are so many historical and cultural sights in the country, visiting the nature is certainly also worthwile. One of the more spectacular and easily accesible places to do so, is Huashan, some 130 km. from Xi'an. A true hikers dream.

Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Climbing Huashan Mountain is all about climbing stone stairs

The first few kilometres are walking slightly up on a nicely paved street, and at times it seems impossible that the peaks which rise steeply from the valley could be reached just by walking up. However, after 4 km. it became clear: this is where the stairs start. High steps, lower ones, some parts without them, but there seems to be no end as you follow these stairs. The higher you come, the more you appreciate the scenery, the view, the strange white mountains rising up almost vertically from the green valleys below. Really amazing is the fact that no matter how high you go, at regular intervals bars, restaurants, and even hotels and computer picture equipment can be found. Ice-cold drinks can be bought everywhere.

Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Porter carrying up goods on the thousands of flights of stairs

All these items are supplied and carried up by special workmen who have the incredible task of carrying up to 50 kilos on their shoulders, in defiance of gravity and the the heat that reaches sometimes unbearable levels. When going down, I approximately counted the steps I took: around 5,500. One way. It must have been the first time in my life that I did over 10,000 steps in one day. The guys bringing up the cold drinks etc. do it every day....

Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Stairs leading up the steep mountain
Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Locks attached to rail protecting climbers from the abyss below
Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Trail over the spine of Huashan Mountain with huts and houses
Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): View over part of Huashan Mountain
Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Walking up the Huashan Mountain using chains
Picture of Huashan Mountain (China): Narrow Huashan Mountains offer spectacular views

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