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Thailand: Ko Samet

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[Visited: October 2005]

Colourful slow boats take you from one of the Ban Phe piers on a 30-minute hop to Na Dan pier on the northern side of Ko Samet island. Consequently, this is the side of the island where most development can be found. For those looking for a crowded beach with ample possibilities to go out in the night, this is the right corner of the island. If, however, you prefer more peace, a quiet beach, you have to make an effort. Either taking a songthaew south, or just walking along the coastline will bring you to another ten beaches on the eastern coast of the island.

Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ao Lung Dum: rickety hand made pier sticking out into the turquoise waters

The further south you go, the less people you encounter and you can drop your anchor wherever you prefer. Walking on will ultimately bring you to Ao Kiu, one of the last beaches of the island. Unfortunately, this bay is now dominated by a luxurious resort, so when I reached it, I returned back to the north of Ko Samet. Personally, I probably liked Ao Nuan most, a small, secluded beach, not easily reached, yet not too far off the north. Not many people arrive here, and just inland there is an out-of-the ordinary place to have delicious Thai food.

Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ko Samet: one of the white beaches

Life on one of the beaches of Ko Samet is not hard, it is actually very relaxing. Especially because vendors pass by regularly with fresh fruits and drinks, and women offering their massaging services (obviously, the further south you go on Ko Samet, the less of the services are available). It becomes very easy to spend hours on the beach, retreating to a shadowy place to have your back, shoulders, and/or feet massaged, having a cold coconut as a drink, taking a dip in the irresistible sea or laze on the beach with a book.

Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ao Nuan on Ko Samet beach seen from above
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ko Samet: palmtrees at the entrance of Ao Cho
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Wong Duan beach on Ko Samet
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Hat Lung Dum pier on Ko Samet with white beach and turquoise sea
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ao Wai beach on Ko Samet
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Bay of Ao Wai beach seen from the southern tip, Ko Samet
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ao Kiu beach: one of the most southern beaches of Ko Samet
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Ao Kiu beach and beautiful turquoise waters on Ko Samet
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Road on Ko Samet connecting the North to the South
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Vendors getting ready on the boat to Ko Samet
Picture of Ko Samet (Thailand): Two of the boats in service between Ban Phe and Ko Samet

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