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Greece: Athens Monasteries

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Athens Monasteries | Greece | Europe

[Visited: November 2001]

Athens is mainly known for its classical icons. Acropolis, the various ancient theatres and stadiums are the main attraction for many visitors to this city. But walking around the streets of this smoggy metropole, there are other hidden treasures, sometimes tiny and tucked away in a corner, sometimes dominantly present on a square: the many monasteries of this city.

Picture of Athens Monasteries (Greece): Monastery in Athens

From the outside, the monasteries are often a display of simplicity, of brick and mortar building. The roof of the monasteries consists of domes, and in the walls there are arches and few doors. The main entrance is often decorated with mosaics, but otherwise, nothing gives away the clue of beauty found inside. Visitors are welcome inside, provided of course the obvious respect is paid.

Picture of Athens Monasteries (Greece): Door of monastery - Athens

Once inside, darkness falls on the visitor. Whispers in a corner, old ladies lighting a candle, remote light entering from one of the windows in the roof. Sitting on one of the small chairs, wondering at the icons on the wall, you can hear an old woman kissing the picture of a saint, you can see the wrinkled face of another Greek woman staring in deep faith at the holy faces looking down at her from above.

Picture of Athens Monasteries (Greece): Detail of monastery, Athens
Picture of Athens Monasteries (Greece): Monastery in Athens
Picture of Athens Monasteries (Greece): Inside monastery, Athens
Picture of Athens Monasteries (Greece): Monastery in Athens

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