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Iceland: Blue Lagoon

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[Visited: November 2008]

That morning, an icy rain was being swept through the streets of Reykjavik. The wind was so strong, it was rocking my car and I had to be careful driving. There was almost no traffic, and I arrived well ahead of opening hour of the Blue Lagoon, and studied the information boards before escaping into my car, as it was almost too cold to be outside. When it finally opened, and I had stored my belongings into one of the electronic lockers, and taken a shower, I noticed a worker going outside in weather-proof clothes and felt very underdressed with my simple swimwear.

Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Taking a bath in the Blue Lagoon

Indeed, when I stepped outside, the ice rain was blowing all around my skin, which made me walk a little faster towards the pool. For a moment, though, I was absolutely flabbergasted by the colour of the water: a very bluish blue - truly amazing. Steam coming off the water of the Blue Lagoon promised hot water, but once inside, I was a little disappointed and continued to feel cold. I soon discovered that there was a clear difference in water temperature in various parts of the Blue Lagoon, and I thus started a search for the warmest spots. The wind and icy rain were apparently able to lower the water temperature considerably.

Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Access into the Blue Lagoon

Together with most of the few other visitors, I paid a regular visit to the sauna and steam bath to get really warm. After that, it was a pleasure to step outside and feel your warm skin get battered by the outside weather. Time to apply some of the silica mud that can be found in many places around the Blue Lagoon, or Bláa lónið in Icelandic. The water is heated by geothermal power coming from a lava flow nearby, while the water is seawater. Its blue appearance comes from the blue green algae, the silica and minerals in the water. Unfortunately, the economic crisis has hit the Icelandic people hard and I only met foreigners enjoying the medicinal powers of the Blue Lagoon. Some of them were on their way to the airport, which in fact is pretty close from here.

Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Steam coming off the water of the Blue Lagoon
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Blue Lagoon, partly man-made, partly nature
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Bridge spanning part of the Blue Lagoon
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Various pools, saunas, steam baths and a waterfall in this cultivated corner of the Blue Lagoon
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Protected pools in the Blue Lagoon
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Even on a grey day, the water in the Blue Lagoon is blue
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): The Blue Lagoon in its surrouding landscape
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Going for a swim in a very Blue Lagoon
Picture of Blue Lagoon (Iceland): Massage in a corner of the Blue Lagoon

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