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Sweden: Delsjön

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Delsjön | Sweden | Europe

[Visited: September 2003 and many times before]

One of the great things in Scandinavia is its nature and seemingly endless space. Nature is apparent even within the cities, and as soon as you leave them, you find yourself entering an enormous sea of emptiness. From downtown Gothenburg, it is a mere half hour walk to the entrance of Delsjön, a huge park which is actually the definitve end of the city and the beginning of nature. A path takes you past the golf course to the main lake in the area. From here, there are several options.

Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Island in lake at Delsjön, Gothenburg

You can either walk around the lake, taking a long or a shorter walk. You can rent a canoe and explore the lake from the water. You can go running - you will never be the only runner in this area. Or you can just lie down on the grass in front of you, on the border of the lake, next to a tiny beach, and go for a swim in the clear water. While this is one of my favourite running tracks, I did the walk around the lake, thus being able to shoot pictures on the way. That morning, the lake was a perfect mirror and the sky was of an impeccable blue, but unfortunately those conditions had gone when I returned with the camera.

Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Birch trees: Delsjön, Gothenburg

Finally, I had time to fully enjoy the environment to its fullest, more so than while I was running. The hills converted into great lookout points. Autumn colours were already protruding here and there in the green trees, leaves falling on the path. Overall, there was a fresh scent of wood, of trees, which gave me the sensation of purity with every breath I took. I walked the hills, the wooden bridge across a corner of the lake, more hills, the wooden stretch through the marshland, along another side of the lake, up into the birch tree area, until I returned to the beginning of the track, feeling rejuvenated and fresh before descending into town.

Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Lake at Delsjön, Gothenburg
Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Bridge on lake at Delsjön, Gothenburg
Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Delsjön: walking over marshland - Gothenburg
Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Island in lake at Delsjön, Gothenburg
Picture of Delsjön (Sweden): Trees and water at Delsjön, Gothenburg

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