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France: Eze

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Eze | France | Europe

[Visited: April 2005]

A short drive from Nice, Eze nowadays is easily accessible. Historically, the town was built in a defensive way, and, to be sure, the very fact that it is built on top of a hill testifies of this defensive character. While its origins lie thousands of years ago, the village came to importance in the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, princes and artists like Prince William of Sweden and Friedrich Nietsche discover the tranquil attraction of the place on the Cote d'Azur. Later on, it acquires importance as a tourist destination.

Picture of Eze (France): Eze: walls of the village seen from below

It has managed so well to attract tourists, that nowadays Eze has become a very touristy destination. Since it is so small, it is likely you will see more tourists than inhabitants on any visit. Still, a walk in this Rivièra village is worh the effort of climbing the stairs and the winding alleys and streets. After starting to walk up from below, I visited the green gardens located at the foot of Eze. Although the gardens seemed to be closed, it turned out to be a good idea to walk in and enjoy the views, the flowers, sculptures, and fountains. I even came across a snake trying to kill a salamander. It was by far the quietest spot of Eze.

Picture of Eze (France): Eze: sculpture of Jean-Philippe Richard in the Exotic Garden

Walking my way up the hill, I enjoyed the narrow alleys which hardly allowed sunlight down the cobblestones, the twists and turns of the streets meandering their way up the rocky hill, arches leading to unexpected fountains, galleries, and expensive hotels, and ultimately leading up to the entrance to the exotic gardens on top the hill. From here, there are naturally marvellous views over the coast, and on a clear day, it is possible to see Corsica. Apart from the view, the gardens are also attractive because of their collection of succulents and cacti, like acacia and agave, and the slender, elegant sculptures of Jean-Philippe Richard that can be found everywhere. A small pond with big chairs to lie in offers a perfect spot for relaxation as an end of your visit.

Picture of Eze (France): Eze: roofs of the village seen from the exotic garden
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: the gardens that are constructed on the hillside at the entrance
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: some of the many flower pots in the garden at the entrance
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: lantern, street sign and sculpture in the wall
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: one of the many shop windows
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: view from atop with sculpture by Jean-Philippe Richard
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: one of the broader streets in the village
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: street scene with lanterns and street signs
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: fountain with female forms
Picture of Eze (France): Eze: detail of bell tower

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