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Spain: Madrid Decorations

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Madrid Decorations | Spain | Europe

[Visited: September 2001 and many times before]

In the old centre of Madrid, it is impossible not to notice that there are colourful decorations everywhere. Street names are displayed on tiles, often with images refering to the name of the street. Trompe l'oeuils, huge outside wall paintings depicting a street scene, are sometimes so realistic you have to stand still and study it to see where reality ends and imagination starts.

Picture of Madrid Decorations (Spain): Madrid: street sign

Especially colourful and enormous is a painting near Plaza Mayor, at the entrance of Cava Baja. A small square where an enormous scene with fruit is painted on the walls of one of the houses. Not too far from here, at the other side of Cava Baja, there is another painting which shows houses and shops. Unfortunately, this example is partly hidden behind trees and not easy to photograph.

Picture of Madrid Decorations (Spain): Wall decoration near Plaza Mayor

Then, there are many examples of bars, restaurants and shops which are richly decorated outside, especially with tiles and often depicting the name of the place. Some of those can be found at Plaza Santa Ana, but also in small streets running off Plaza Mayor and other places. Walking around the city centre and coming across these displays of Spanish street art can become a pleasure in itself.

Picture of Madrid Decorations (Spain): Decorations outside bar at Plaza Santa Ana
Picture of Madrid Decorations (Spain): Decorated tiles outside shop - Madrid
Picture of Madrid Decorations (Spain): Decorated tiles outside shop - Madrid

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