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[Visited: 1971, 1976, 1984]

Malta: a small island with a history going back many thousands of years. This island is situated somewhere in between Sicily and Northern Africa and therefore has a strategic position. This led to an interesting mix of cultures, of which the Maltese language is a vivid testimony: a mixture of Italian and Arab, with some English thrown in as well. In short, the language can be seen as a reliable mirror of the foreign influences that have not left Malta untouched.

Picture of Malta images (Malta): Salt pans on the rocky coast of Malta

It has been many years since I last visited the island, and by all accounts I have to believe it has changed quite a lot. Tourism has increased dramatically and it is perfectly possible that the pictures you see on this site are outdated. My most special memories of the island lie in the time when I was there at an English-style boarding school. Though not an easy time, it was certainly instructive. And it was to lay the basis of my English. But I sincerely felt sorry for the guys who really had to spend years in that school...

Picture of Malta images (Malta): Maltese harbour

I remember as a joy the beautifully painted fisher boats plying the clear waters, and the old cobble stone streets in the villages. The island has mainly rugged rock coasts, which at times offer splendid views of waves crushing. As far as I remember the island also had churches and cathedrals which seemed disproportionally big for the island. For those who love islands and the unique atmosphere that islands often have, Malta is certainly very interesting.

Picture of Malta images (Malta): Maltese buses
Picture of Malta images (Malta): Marsaskala Harbour

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