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Spain: Montserrat

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Montserrat | Spain | Europe

[Visited: May 2006]

A train can take you directly from Barcelona to Montserrat some 40 km away - the last stretch up has to be made either by cable car or rack-and-pinion from below in the valley. Waiting for the cable car, you are dwarfed and impressed by the mountains looming over you right across the valley. The magnitude of the place is underlined when the yellow cable car comes down, and you can measure the size of the cliffs. You appreciate how difficult it must have been to reach the monastery in old times, and how well protected it was. A comfortable ride up takes you to the plaza of Montserrat.

Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Monastery of Montserrat protected by mountains

The Montserrat monastery holds a sacred statue of a black Madonna, or Moreneta, in the shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat, supposedly made in 50 CE by St. Luke. I directly headed to the monastery, and after looking at the monastery I took a side entrance and walked up the stairs to reach the small statue. This is probably the holiest place of Catalonia, people queue to touch the statue and pray for a miracle. Newly weds are especially inclined to come here, and incidentally, Montserrat is a popular name for girls in Catalonia. The statue resides above the altar of the basilica, and behind it, you can also go to a small chapel with beautiful stained glass windows.

Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Statues of Jesus and apostles in the facade of the Montserrat basilica

Montserrat is special for its location high up in the steep mountains, and apart from doing real climbing on the cliffs, it is possible to do many different hikes. I took a funicular further up the mountains at Sant Joan, and after enjoying the view off the top of the massif, I walked down the mountain, passing several small and isolated monasteries, until a gravel path took me to the chapel of Santa Cova. Santa Cova is built like a bird's nest against the vertical cliffs, and was the place where the statue of the Moreneta was hid for centuries. Certainly not an easy place to reach! From here, returning to Montserrat meant climbing the path, after which the cable car took me back to the bed of the valley.

Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Santa Cova chapel clinging to the vertical cliffs of Montserrat
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Guardian of the Moreneta statue of Montserrat
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Black Madonna, Our Lady of Montserrat or Moreneta
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Silhouette of statue with stained glass in chapel near sacred Moreneta statue
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Steep cliffs of Montserrat rising above an iron cross
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Looking up the cliffs of Montserrat
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Silhouette of Montserrat
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Santa Cova chapel in Montserrat area clinging to the steep cliffs
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Sant Miquel chapel in the Montserrat area
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Spectacular cliffs of Montserrat
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Top of the Montserrat massif at Sant Joan
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Basilica of Montserrat: detail of the floor
Picture of Montserrat (Spain): Montserrat mountain range consists of steep grey rocks

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