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Germany: Munich churches

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[Visited: January 2007]

It so happened that the first church I saw in Munchen, was the famous Frauenkirche. Famous because it has grown into the symbol of the city, with its typical brass onion domes on top of the belltowers. Although the church was built in Gothic style in the late 15th century, the domes do not match the style. Initially, they were intended to be spires, but lack of money caused them to be added later. Being the Cathedral of Munich, the Frauenkirche was the see of actual Pope Benedict XVI, and has a commemorative plaque in his honour. When standing in front of the church, it is difficult not to feel dwarfed by the slender, tall towers, which are actually not completely similar in height.

Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Looking up the belltowers of Munich Cathedral or Frauenkirche

The interior of the Frauenkirche is spacious; it can accomodate 20,000 people. Tall in Gothic spirit, the cathedral is remarkable because of the effort to make the central aisle such that the stained glass windows could not be seen. Much of the cathedral has been destroyed in World War II and had to be restored. From here, it is a short walk to the oldest church of central Munich, the Pieterskirche or St. Peter's Church. It is claimed that monks lived here on a hill from the 8th century onwards, before Munich was even founded. The domes remind you of those of the Cathedral although the towers are much more modest in height.

Picture of Munich churches (Germany): St. Peter's Church: detail of roof and dome

Close to St. Peter's church, you can find the Heiliggeist Kirche, or Church of the Holy Ghost, a baroque church. From this area, an easy walk takes you to Odeonsplatz. You can see the towers of yet another church dominating the typical Bavarian houses before you actually lay your eyes on the Theatinerkirche. You instantly recognize the high baroque style, actually, this church was modelled after the San Andrea del Valle church in Rome and designed by an Italian architect in the late 17th century. The church dominates the square and defines the end of the historic centre of Munich.

Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Frauenkirche seen from the inside
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Bell tower and part of Heiliggeistkirche or Church of the Holy Ghost
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Church of the Holy Ghost or Heiliggeistkirche with leather shop
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Theatinerkirche seen from behind Preysing Palace on Odeonsplatz
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Theatinerchurch with lanterns and soft winter sunlight
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Famous belltowers of Frauenkirche seen from below
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Munich Cathedral or Frauenkirche: stained glass
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Looking up the stained glass windows of the Frauenkirche or Munich Cathedral
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Skyline of Munich definded by the belltowers of the Frauenkirche
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): Domes and roof of St. Peter's church or Peterskirche
Picture of Munich churches (Germany): View of Peterskirche from Viktualienmarkt

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