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Norway: Rainy Bergen

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[Visited: February 2007 and many times before]

To begin with, I can say that after several visits to Bergen I have seen it in beautiful weather and under a blue sky. But I have also very often seen entire days of rain that never seemed to stop. The town is on the western coast of Norway and therefore receives a lot of precipitation arriving with western winds over the North Sea. The mild climate means that even in winter, most moisture comes down as rain - although when it is cold, it can be covered in a thick layer of snow. This makes the beautiful Bergen even more beautiful.

Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Rain in Bergen: it is best to take it with a smile

Rain in Bergen is legendary - according to statistics, it rains some 265 days a year, while many locals claim it rains 300 days a year. As recent as January 2007, Bergen had a record period of eighty days of rainfall. While the climate is mild, it can mean that even in summer, you can be very cold. I once joined a fjord tour on a boat in July, which ended in everyone on the boat being wrapped in blankets provided by the boat staff, shivering instead of enjoying the marvellous views of the mountains.

Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Trying to protect against the rain with an umbrella near big ship

The rain also brings chances of course. There are shops specialized in rain clothes, where you can find elegant water proof clothes to protect you from the climate. For years, I have even seen umbrella machines in the streets, but they seem to have disappeared. Still, umbrellas are a very common sight in Bergen, although some locals seem to be so used to the rain that they just walk the streets enduring the heavenly waters without protection. A local joke tells the story of a visitor asking a boy when the rain will stop, to which the boy answers that he doesn't know because he is only twelve. Humour seems to be the best way to cope with the grey and wet environment!

Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Fashionable rain clothes in bright colours in a specialized shop in Bergen
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Elegant girl facing the wet reality of Bergen
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Trying to stay dry under an umbrella
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Trying to avoid getting even wetter from passing cars
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Getting wet in the rain without caring to wear protective clothes
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Rain clothes, hats, shoes are readily available in Bergen
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Rain making the days dark in Bergen
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Girl getting wet in the incessant rain of Bergen
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Woman with popular rain-resistant hat in a typical street
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Girls trying to stay dry and to protect their instruments from the climate
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Waiting for the bus, sheltering from the rain
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Elderly woman facing the wet reality of Bergen
Picture of Rainy Bergen (Norway): Man trying to stay dry under an umbrella in the wettest town in Europe

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