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Nicaragua: Granada

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[Visited: April 2000]

Granada - town of surprises. Since I had to take a bus South at around 9:30 and arrived late the previous evening, my visit to Granada unfortunately was very short. But various people I had met in the previous days had told me that Granada was a town not to be missed, so I definitely wanted to include it in my first visit to Nicaragua.

Picture of Granada (Nicaragua): Street in Granada

Arriving on a Saturday evening turned out to give some troubles finding a place to stay. In the end I was sent to a house at the corner of a street, without any sign distinguishing it from the rest of the houses making clear that it was actually a "hospedaje". As I peeked inside, I could see an older man next to a corpulent woman. The latter was dressed in a tight, too short bright red dress in which her extra kilos could be easily located. When another woman came down the stairs, barely dressed, I was sure I had ended up in some kind of brothel. But when I asked it was confirmed that this was indeed a pension.

Picture of Granada (Nicaragua): Street corner in Granada

Next morning, I decided to wake up very early (even though I went to the lakeside the evening before, where a lot of crowd had gathered to drink and dance). I wanted to see as much of the city as possible while it was still cool. And it was a delight to see. Colourful houses, old cobble stone streets, arches and old churches abound. When I finally made my way to the busstation for a ride which would eventually would take me to Costa Rica later that day, I was happy I had heeded the advice to visit this town.

Picture of Granada (Nicaragua): Waiting with a bike, Granada

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