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Iran: Esfahan Bazaar

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[Visited: April 2001, May 2001]

The bazaar of Esfahan is extensive and almost completely covered. Hidden inside the small alleys and backstreets of the city, this is the place where everyone comes to do shopping of any kind. Persian carpets, spices, brass, clothes, food, or virtually anything else is on sale here. Despite all the people walking around, the bazaar is quiet and does not have the intimidating noise of some other markets.

Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): Esfahan Bazaar shop keeper

Since it can get very hot outside, the market is equipped with an age-old, intelligent air conditioning system. It consists of holes in the ceiling, which all together force air to travel through the narrow streets below. Therefore, the atmosphere never becomes oppressive. When you climb on the roof of the bazaar, you can see the cupolas of the roof, simple yet elegant.

Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): Spice market Esfahan bazaar

There are many places where you can escape the market life if you want. Small squares with fountains, caravan sarais where traders met centuries ago, places where camels grinded grains only years ago and which have been replaced by machines, heavy wooden doors breathing history, old bath houses badly in need of repair. And then, suddenly, you come out of one small alley and the Emam Khomeini Square opens up in front of your eyes.

Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): Esfahan Bazaar
Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): Bazar of Esfahan with light coming through the window
Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): Esfahan Bazaar: the domed roof
Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): Domed roof of the bazar of Esfahan
Picture of Esfahan Bazaar (Iran): View of the roof of the bazaar of Esfahan

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